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Ink Workshops

Would you like to host alcohol ink workshops at your business or home?

I will bring all of the supplies and you supply the guests! See below for some of my more popular ink workshops.

Ink Workshop @ Schram Vineyards | 12/12 6-8pm

Sign up here.

Ink Kits

Alcohol ink DIY kits. Each kit will come with all of the supplies you will need to complete your project. I hope you enjoy painting with alcohol ink as much as I do!

Want to host your own craft night? Contact me to purchase your kits and have a fun night of creating art with your friends!

View the virtual instruction videos here.

Ink Tips

You can start your ink journey easily and economically. If you have attended one of my workshops you have heard me talk about my favorite products for teaching and then the products I use for my art. I will lay out a couple of different sets to get started with and then add on to based on what you are making. Remember, fluid art is a journey and you will evolve, find your personal preferences and do a lot of trial and error. Just have patience, have fun and enjoy the process.

View my recommended products below.

Ink Lab Kits

State Stencil

Create a fun 10x10 alcohol ink painting using your choice of state stencil.

Kits include:
10x10 Wood Panel with Stand
State Stencil
Ink Set
Blending Solution
Test Paper
Protective Pad



Paint a beautiful succulent planter using alcohol inks!

Kits include:
Succulent Planter
Ink Set
Blending Solution
Test Paper
Protective Pad


Line Art

Create a beautiful 8x10 alcohol ink painting enhanced with a line art drawing on the glass.

Kits include:
8x10 Frame
8x10 Paper
Line Art Stencil
White Paint Pen
Ink Set
Blending Solution
Test Paper
Protective Pad


Kit Color Options

Ink 101

Ink sets are a great way to explore many colors inexpensively, here are a few I would recommend:

T-Rex Inks

T-Rex Inks Alcohol Ink Set of 12 Jumbo Sized Bottles (.67oz / 20ml) with 11 Vibrant Colors & 1 Clear Blender for Alcohol Ink Art & Epoxy Resin Painting


Jacquard Pinata Color™ Alcohol Ink

These alcohol ink colors are acid-free, transparent ink colors that can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces, including glass, plastic, Yupo, leather, resin and paper. They become moisture-resistant after dried.

$27.00 (set of 9)

Ranger Inks

You can use it on a variety of non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, glazed tiles and more to create beautiful effects. Inks come in sets of 3 coordinating colors

$3.99 each

Moving and manipulating your ink with alcohol and air.

Isopropyl Alcohol 90% or higher

You will use alcohol like you would water to loosen and dilute your ink, it can also be used to reactivate your ink after it has dried


To move your ink on your surface you will need to use air. Straws are a great way to get a feel for how to move the ink and to help develop a style.

Embossing Gun

You can also use an embossing gun to move your ink. I only recommend this for hard surfaces, as it can melt your paper if you apply to much heat.

24.99 (use the coupons at Michaels to get the cost down)

Alcohol ink works best on non-porous surfaces, such as, tile, synthetic paper and ceramics.

Nara Paper

Nara Paper is a unique alternative to traditional art papers. It's a synthetic paper, machine-made in the USA of 100% polypropylene. It is waterproof, stain-resistant, and extremely strong and durable. This extraordinary, non-absorbent surface resists tearing and buckling and remains perfectly flat, eliminating the need for soaking, stretching, or taping. 

$12.99 (9x12, 10 sheets)


Tiles are a great way to experiment with ink as you can wipe the color off with alcohol if you are not satisfied with the results. The cheapest place to get tile is at your local home improvement stores in the flooring section.

Sealing your piece will help prevent fading and smudging.

Kamar Varnish

Kamar varnish is the varnish that should be applied first to your piece. Any other spray coat with react with the ink and could ruin your piece. Once you have given your piece a coat of Kamar you can apply any other seal to it without ruining your piece.


UV Protection Spray

It is good to seal your piece with a UV spray/protection. Inks are not necessarily lightfast and could fade over time. This will ensure that your piece will last for a long time.



Resin is a great way to create a show stopping finish to your piece. It provides a glass like surface that is durable and functional. This resin is great to seal tiles for more functional uses and to coat wall art for the wow factor.