Multi-faceted artist & creative

Hi, my name is

Heidi Derner

As an abstract artist, graphic designer, and photographer residing in Chaska, Minnesota, I draw my creative energy from the serene beauty that surrounds me. Nestled in this charming town with my family, I find inspiration in the natural world that envelops my everyday life.

My art is a reflection of the organic forms, the gentle flow, and the vibrant colors that grace Minnesota's landscapes and waterways. I endeavor to capture the essence of these surroundings, translating their ever-changing beauty into my work. The dynamic color palettes that I employ in my pieces are a testament to the kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences that Minnesota evokes.

In my creative process, I employ a mix of alcohol and acrylic ink, along with paint and gold leaf. These materials allow me to craft pieces that are both intricate and profound, mirroring the subtleties and complexities of the natural world. My goal is to invite viewers into a realm where they can immerse themselves in the beauty and wonder of Minnesota's landscapes, as seen through my artistic lens.

Through my art, I hope to share the love and appreciation I hold for my surroundings, and to ignite a sense of wonder and connection with the organic beauty that graces our lives every day.

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